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Blight is a action game where your goal is to eliminate waves of enemies. You have the power of soulmancy, which allows you to use projectiles made of souls to kill your enemies. 

But watch out! Any missed souls will become corrupted and posses an enemy corpse, in an endless life and death cycle. Kill your enemies and survive as long as you can!

About the game:

This game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3. The theme for the jam was "Cycles".

Programming: Facundo Balboa, Alan Rosas

Game Design: Martin Martelletti

3D Art: Hugo Miraballes

2D Art: Kevin Miles

VFX: Juan Cecchetto

Music & SFX: Ivan Piccione


  • Soulmancy Mastery
    • Soul Blast (Left-Click): Your main attack. Uses souls yo kill enemies.
    • Soul Burst (Right-Click): Your main way to defend yourself. Repels enemies.
    • Soul Shield (Hold R): Protects from one attack. Channel to recharge.
    • Sould Dash (Spacebar): Avoid all kinds of dangers with a soul-powered dash.
  • 3 Types of Enemies
    • Grunt: They fight close and they fight dirty. Ignore them and they will outrun you.
    • Floater: Courage is not their strong suit, so they will keep their distance and attack you from afar.
    • Charger: He might be a bit slow, but once he sees you, he will charge uncontrolably in your direction.
  • Environmental Hazzards
    • Breakable Objects
    • Floor and Wall Spikes
    • Explosive Barrels
  • Souls, Souls and more Souls

Hope you have fun!


Blight.zip 63 MB


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Episode 16: Unity Games



Amazing graphics, like said Vending I think a little Tutorial would be perfect to learn the bases! Again loved the graphics keep it up!

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The graphics are damn good! Even the music and overall look of the game are nice. But I was unable to figure out how to play the game, beat the enemies I tried the above controls they might even be working but I am finding it hard to beat the enemies and what attack does what......

A little in game help screen and maybe a tutorial will do!

Keep it up!