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Programming Me

Artists LewToons (http://lewtoons.newgrounds.com/) & Tyler (http://tyler.newgrounds.com/)

Wild Card DeadEndWorldStudios (http://deadendworldstudios.newgrounds.com/)

Winter game jam 2010 - Escape from Ice Mountain

Team Polar Bear

The world of the sun people is enslaved by the evil Ice Lord and his ice colony.
The prince of the sun world wakes up in an icy prison cell surrounded by a few of his other captive people. You are that prince, try to escape.

Move with arrows or AWSD and press space to action! Also you will need mouse to select options.

Thanks for playing!

PS: An epic game made in less than 72 hours!
Published Sep 11, 2016
Tagschat, collect, escape, from, ice, Mountains, talk

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