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Paw Pals is a game where you manage a bunch of kitties trapped on the top of a tree. Your goal is to investigate enough of the big book of  "How to get down of a tree for dummy kitties" while making sure your kitties have enough food.

But here is the catch: Your kitties have personalities and some of them may not be too happy about working with others therefore making them feel more and more stressed. High levels of stress will make the kitties work a lot less so take care of the kitties!


This game was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2021. The theme for the jam was "Joined Together".


  • Lots of cats to discover and make friends with
  • 4 Unique areas
    • The big bucket for fishing
    • Balloon Bay for sending kitty explorers
    • Scratching Posts to lower cats' stress
    • Big book of knowledge to learn how to get down of trees if you are a cat
  • Multiple cat traits making the clowder diverse
  • Fun for the whole family


Game Design: Martín Martelletti

Artists: Hugo Miraballes, Nicolás Rivero & Astrid Oliveira

Programming: Alan Rosas, Lautaro Bravo de la Serna & Facundo Balboa

Music: Santiago Bravo de la Serna


Paw Pals Windows (Fixed Version) 54 MB
Paw Pals for Windows (Jam Version) 54 MB
Paw Pals for Linux (Fixed Version) 58 MB
Paw Pals for Linux (Jam Version) 58 MB

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