A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Sense of Unity is a puzzle game where you have to make your way to the exit trying to save as many  people as possible. But beware, every person you save makes it riskier for you to continue though they can help you in moments of need.

If you are up for the challenge, try to save  not only yourself or the ones that are on the path but  everyone from the plague and take risks in order to save others.

About the game:

This game was made for the Stay Safe! Jam. The theme for the jam was "Solidarity". "As science, social responsibility and common sense prohibit the gathering of large crowds in times of Corona, the Stay Safe! Jam is designed to motivate game developers worldwide to stay at home, create a game within 48 hours (+1) and thus actively do their part in the fight against the virus."


  • 10 levels of difficult with multiples variants per stage so you can replay the game to discover new and exciting  ones!
  • 4 types of Units
    • The torch
    • The carpenter
    • The guardian
    • The plant kid
  • Unique custom music
  • Multiple resolutions

Hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it!


Artists: Hugo Miraballes, Nicolás Rivero & Kevin Miles

Programming: Andrea Alonso, Lautaro Bravo de la Serna, Alan Mauro Rosas & Facundo Balboa

Level Design: Kevin Miles & Lautaro Bravo de la Serna

Music: Santiago Bravo de la Serna


Sense of Unity for Windows.zip 76 MB
Sense of Unity for Linux.zip 80 MB


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Party popper

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Party popperfor achieving the #1 spot out of every single game I played this week! I seriously can't wait to see your game go farther guys! Great job! 

Thank you a lot once again for all the positive feedback :D


That was fun, good work in the jam. It was sometimes difficult to tell characters apart but... everyone was safes in the end. :)


Thank you a lot for making a video and your review :)

We are going to use this video as feedback for future updates we will make. Thanks!

Are you thinking of expanding, adding more levels? 


Yes, also we want to add more feedback and remove the death screen (which slows a lot the gameplay).


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!


Thank you a lot for the review! The team thanks you a lot for all the possitive feedback and picking this as the best game of the day :) We will be sharing it :)