Yemita is a game where you control a yolk on the run and destroy everything on your path in a japanese restaurant. The chef was trying to add you to a ramen bowl but you decided you are not ready to be eaten. Because of that, your goal will be to create as much destruction as possible in your short life.

This game was made for the July Newgrounds Game Jam 2021. The theme for the jam was "Egg". You can also play the game at Newgrounds (and participate for the medals and highscore!)

You can listen the OST here!


  • Lots of stuff to break
  • A running yolk with an over detailed butt
  • Cozy japanese restaurant
  • Crazy octopus chef that may get angry if you hit him
  • Bamboo plants
  • Did we mention a lot of stuff that can be broken?


Game Design: Martín Martelletti

Artists: Hugo Miraballes & Kevin Miles

Programming: Lautaro Bravo de la Serna & Facundo Balboa

Music & SFX: Santiago Bravo de la Serna, Hernan Colantuono & Antonela Valente


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I made a video about your game and your game is cool!  The butt is funny LOL. I have fun playing it.

Thank you for playing it and making a video with it! Glad you had fun :D

very cute and fun game but the controls were a bit hard to keep the egg going where i wanted it :)