YBit Update v0.9

Hello, everyone!

There is a new update for YBit!

This is going to be the last update before the Steam release which is coming 27 October! Which is this Friday!

I added a new platform type and eight new levels for the game. With these, it also came new dialogues and I can say the second area is finished!

The great news are that not only the levels and gameplay from the second area are finished, we also have the OST for that part! And apart from the music, I added new sound effects for different situations so it doesn’t feel so devoided of sound.

Even more, I made a bunch of fixes to readjust the game to my vision and also some fixes that popped up during the playtest.

I guess I will now test till the release and hope that nothing fails. If nothing fails, the next update will bring the third and last phase of the game! If not, well, you will hear from me sooner than expected with the list of fixes!

In case you are interested, here is the full list of changes:


  • Added eight new levels.
  • Added a new platform type.
  • Added new dialogues.
  • New music theme for the dialogues in the second zone.
  • New music theme during levels in the second zone.
  • New sound sfx added in different situations.


  • Reorganized the Menu screen.
  • Now levels are shown in a different way.
  • Fixed a bug when touching sticky bugs and errors.
  • Changed the gameplay music theme of the first level.
  • Changed the menu music theme.
  • Changed the death feedback.
  • Slightly changed the movement of the player.
  • The first zone background is a bit brighter now.
  • Changed the pause menu background art.
  • Few optimization changes.

Thanks for reading!


YBit v0.9 Windows.rar 28 MB
Oct 22, 2017
YBit v0.9 Linux.rar 32 MB
Oct 22, 2017
YBit v0.9 Mac.zip 36 MB
Oct 22, 2017

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