YBit Update v0.6

Hello, everyone!

So…big news regarding YBit! I’ve just uploaded a new version of YBit with loads of changes (you can already get it here!).

The news for the game are a lot, first of all, I adjusted the movement of the player. One of the new controller details is that if you are moving to the side and you stop touching the ground, you have less than a second to jump away. I read this tip in an article at Gamasutra (The End Is Nigh Gamasutra) and I thought it was a great idea to eliminate the feeling that you get when you press jump and nothing happens. This, along some other small tweaks, should get me closer to the final movement version I am looking for (to be honest, I think the movement feel is done, but I don’t want to say it is so before having more people try it out).

Also, another big news is that now YBit has an original OST made by Iván Piccione (the musician that made the OST for Wasting Bullets) and Martín Díaz. The sound track isn’t finished yet but we already have the main menu, first phase level area and the first phase dialogue’s sound inside the game. Even though they may change, I wanted to have it there to start adding more to the game feel.

In other news, I have a more clear plan of how the story will develop and I can confirm that the first 1/3 of the story is finished with the latest levels and dialogues. Now, I will move on to part two of three and that should be, at least some of it, in the next YBit update. Also, because 1/3 of the story inside the game is finished, the price of the game will be increased to $3. Fear not, the game will have a 50% discount during next week (August 3rd to August 10th) as celebration for having finished the first part, so you can get it for $1.50!

Having finishing with all the current news, I leave the update details here:


  • Added 3 new levels
  • New and original OST (unfinished)
  • New dialogues


  • Minor changes on the feel of the jump for the player
  • Modified the sticky platform
  • Modified some levels in order to make them fairer
  • Fixed the dust particle bug that kept emitting even if the player didn’t move

But these are not the only news. I have already received the payment for the Groupees Remute’s Adventurous bundle and now I am able to pay for Steam Direct and get YBit to Steam! It probably won’t be too soon because first I will need to do some things, including a trailer for the game, but having the music and the gameplay already done, it should not take much longer!

That is everything for now, thanks for reading!


YBit v0.6 Windows.rar 22 MB
Sep 03, 2017
YBit v0.6 Linux.rar 26 MB
Sep 03, 2017

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