YBit Update v0.4

Hello, everyone!

I just uploaded a new update for YBit. This update is focused on more content, some visual improvements and a bug that was driving me crazy.

I wanted to add more levels to the game so it lasts longer and I get closer to the play time length goal. Also, I don't want to get repetitive on the content so I am adding a new type of platforms. This time, I added a bounce one (something like the third law of Newton, I guess). This new platform comes with its own new dialogue, as well. So...more content!

Then, for the graphics. I added some small details like a small "pixel" dust when the character runs and a background that is generated with a cellular automaton. I guess that this two changes will give more to the feel of "being inside a computer" if that even exists...

And for changes, I finally fixed the bug that made the player stick to the ground or jump randomly. Also, I made some balance changes in a few levels and changed the area of the double jump for a bigger one (so it doesn't feel so unfair).

Other than that, here is the whole list:


  • Added 11 new levels.
  • A new type of platform.
  • New dialogues.
  • Added new graphic details.


  • Now the area of the double jump is bigger.
  • Changed some levels in order to be more fair ones.
  • Fixed the bug that made the player to stick to the ground sometimes.

The future goals keeps being these, though as you can see, I made progress on most of them :)

  • More levels.
  • More platform types.
  • More dialogues.
  • Joystick support during screens.
  • Add Mac support.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


YBit v0.4 Windows.rar 10 MB
Jul 17, 2017
YBit v0.4 Linux.rar 12 MB
Jul 17, 2017

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