YBit leaves Early Access

Hello, everyone!

So YBit finally leaves Early Access to a full release in Steam and itch.io. I have finished the movement of the character, added new levels, new platforms and we have the last two tracks of the game.

The levels have reached the number 100 which will be the last level of the game. I had been worried about making it difficult enough to be a final level but not make it impossible of course. I think that after a lot of testing I reached that level of difficulty.

About the music, we have the final versions of all the tracks and they are inside the game of course. Also, it will not only be inside the game, you will be able to buy it apart as a DLC if you want. All the earnings from that DLC will directly support the musicians.

So please go and check it out!


YBit Windows.rar 30 MB
Jan 14, 2018
YBit Linux.rar 34 MB
Jan 14, 2018
YBit Mac.zip 38 MB
Jan 14, 2018
YBit Soundtrack.rar 52 MB
Jan 15, 2018

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