YBit Update v0.3

Hello, everyone!

I just made a small update for YBit. I wanted to have a pause and save/load features working so people don’t get frustrated when losing all the progress (especially now that the game has 35 levels!). Also, I wanted to give the player a chance to know in which level they are.

So, not as big as the update to v0.2 but with crucial features that, in my opinion, they were needed. Here are all the adds and changes:


  • Added save/load features.
  • Added a pause menu.
  • Now you can see the level number.
  • New dialogue.


  • Changed some sound effects.
  • Balance change in some levels.

If you are wondering about the future goals, now they are the following:

  • More levels.
  • More platform types.
  • More dialogues.
  • Joystick support during screens.
  • Add Mac support.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


YBit v0.3 Windows.rar 10 MB
Jul 10, 2017
YBit v0.3 Linux.rar 12 MB
Jul 10, 2017

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